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We are Profitability Management specialists using 4 decades of tested and proven strategies to increase the net profit for dentists $60,000 - $100,000 or more per year!

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Dr. Michael Schuster is the only dentist
teaching management to be recognized by three of the top advanced technical institutes with these prestigious awards:

Dr. Schuster knows how to help dentists incorporate their advanced technical training with a sound business model to achieve level of success that is financially rewarding and professionally satisfying.

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Why the Schuster Center is the Leader in Dental Practice Management

Many dentists find themselves rundown and in need of assistance at some point in their career. Many dentists feel ill-prepared by dental school to own and operate their own practice. Many turn to dental practice consultants for advice and facilitation in alleviating the stress from the day-to-day that can wear business owners so thin. Unfortunately, the piecemeal approach offered by traditional consulting and dental practice management does not empower the dentist/owner to bring their practice vision to life. Consulting holds knowledge apart from the dentist. Development teaches the dentist what is necessary to create their ideal practice, step by step. The Schuster Center specializes in dental practice development by teaching The Schuster Management Method. This comprehensive approach, created by Dr. Michael Schuster, brings together the elements of experience, vision, management systems, formal training, curriculum, and ongoing support and coaching to help the dentist build their own unique high quality, low volume, and high profit dental practice.

Our practice development coaches are chosen due to their exceptional professional and personal standards, their dedication to their students’ goals, and the care of those they interact with. You’ll notice a difference when you work with The Schuster Center due to our team’s dedication, professionalism, and efficiency. Consider our practice development program if any number of the following applies to you:

Dental Practice Management Courses

You may have enrolled in dental practice management courses and felt you did not learn important skills every business owners needs and found yourself in the same place you were before you took the course. When you enroll in our practice development program, you will get the benefit of working closely with a dedicated coach that takes the time to guide you through the implementation process of The Schuster Model. Our coaches provide feedback, guidance, accountability, and direction to ensure your learning experience is maximized. In our courses, some of the things we focus on are:

To best suit our students’ needs, we offer a portion of our curriculum in an online format. We look forward to assisting you in increasing the profitability and prosperity of your dental practice. Contact us today.