The Schuster Center – Dental Practice Management Education


In a dental practice, there are 7 key areas which must be thoughtfully designed and made to work in harmony with one another:

  • MONEY – how it flows in and out of the practice; how to make it, keep it and save it.
  • TIME – the most important resource we have; how you handle  your time determines the quality of your life.
  • ORGANIZATION – the structure of your practice, the systems, the purpose of those systems, the accountability to create and use them to drive your practice each day.
  • SALES – the process with patients to help them make decisions that are in their own best interest; how to engage, connect and communicate the value of dentistry beyond what any plan covers.
  • MARKETING – determining your offering and bringing it to your community in such a way that patients want what you have to offer.
  • PEOPLE – the skills, attitude, beliefs and motivation of the people who you bring on board to help you in this endeavor.
  • PURPOSE – why your practice exists as determined by your values, skills, training and the reason you chose dentistry as  your profession.


Why Choose The Schuster Center?

The Schuster Management Method allows you to create a practice and life that represents your true self and your true values for dentistry. It enables you to live and practice as you choose; to build a great life and practice, one step at a time, to develop new skills, strengths and abilities as a practice owner and leader. You can’t help but be transformed by this endeavor. Ultimately, you, as the owner of your practice, understand exactly why and how your business functions successfully. You hold the power for your future.