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We are The Business School for Dentists founded in 1978 to teach principles of life and business for the highly trained dentist. We are Profitability Management specialists using 4 decades of tested and proven strategies to increase the net profit for dentists $60,000 – $100,000 or more per year!



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What is The Schuster Center?


schuster-logo1 Our model was created by a practicing dentist, Dr. Michael Schuster. As a young dentist, Dr. Schuster was frustrated by not being able to communicate with his patients and the inadequate training dental school provided for owning and operating his own practice. He designed our management method for his own practice out of this frustration and the desire to provide his patients the very best care he was capable of delivering. Over time and through his teaching advanced technical training at the Pankey Institute, he began to attract dentists from all corners of the world who wanted to learn about this model he created.  To help them, he documented every component of his model in the hope they would be able to apply it to their own practices. The Schuster Center was born out of his desire to help his fellow professionals achieve the same level of satisfaction in their practice that he has been able to create in his life. Ours is the only school in existence that helps the high quality, technically advanced dentist structure their practice to engage patients in an ethical manner while helping the doctor achieve a high level of financial success.