Success as a Dental Practice Owner

Did you know: There are two main causes of Success in your life. 1.    Your beliefs. 2.    Being in the right structure. Everything else is secondary. WHY? The beliefs contained in our minds to a large degree determine what we see, how we think and how we behave.  Our beliefs serve us or cripple us. We each are in a structure, a structure which to a large degree we have created or accepted.  Whatever ‘structure’ we are in determines our behavior and our behavior determines our results. Period. You are free to continue as you are and also free to change the underlying structures of your life and practice to create the outcomes you really, really want. Your life is in your hands. Choose wisely.  

Why am I not Attracting People to my Practice?

Why am I not Attracting People to my Practice? At every price level and in every market there is competition (dentistry, accounting, car making, etc). But some stand out, and not simply because they are costly or expensive. Often, the services and products that are most in demand amaze or capture the emotions or feelings of buyers. Since 1990 when the supply of dentists outstripped the demand for dentistry, the supply of patients has diminished and markets have splintered. We’ve all heard the surest way to fail is to be all things to all people.  People who have a job and money have a choice. They can choose who and where they go for services. I’ve suggested that patients vote with their feet and their dollars. People choose to go where they believe they will be treated the way they want to be treated. People make choices based on their perception of what is in their best interest. You do, I do, we all do. The key word here is perception. Often what people think or perceive is best, is not. Therefore, any professional practice who wants to thrive must become a learning organization. Patients can learn and often do in the...

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