“An Ideal Day Makes an Ideal Life”

In the corporate world if 60% of your time is spent doing what you love to do and what you are really good at, then you are in ‘ideal space’. My good friend Jack Higgins, a corporate coach, teaches his clients to spend 80% of their time doing what matters most to them.
Doing what you are good at and what you love to do enhances your chance of success and enhances your identity. Conversely, if you are controlled by someone else, in time you lose your identity. Of course no one can control everything that happens to them in work or in life, but the more ideal our days, the more ideal our life. Pretty straightforward.

Most of us start out just trying to make a living. Our idea of success changes as we gain experience and knowledge. For me, success when I was in high school was pitching a winning game. success was getting a job to save for college. Success later was getting into dental school; then graduating from dental school; then gaining more knowledge and education while I was in the Navy; then starting my practice; and raising my kids; spending time with my kids; making enough money to save and invest for their education and our future.

My mother was like a cheerleader and a coach for me. She told me to always have a goal to work towards, and when I completed the goal to sit right down and make a new goal. Success was achieving what I thought was important. I started working when I was 11 years old, caddying at Westborough Country Club in St. Louis so I could buy a bike and then buy my clothes. Later, I worked so I could buy a car.

I don’t know what your definition of success is, but I would guess that what success means to you today is more than likely not what it meant 10 years ago.  Successful people have goals, unsuccessful people don’t.  Success in anything depends on having a plan and knowing what key thoughts and actions produce the outcome that you want. A couple of weeks ago one of my students said to me:

“Your license plate should read, Dr. Results!”

I thought to myself, that’s a compliment, but I’d rather it read Dr. Structure. Dr. Bob Lee used to walk around with a button that said: Dr. Form suggesting that form is everything. I believe that structure is vital to success. How I structure my time determines any result that I get.

· I can waste time working with the wrong people. If I sense that I am wasting someone’s time or they are wasting mine, I walk away.
· I can waste time by using the wrong strategies.
· I can waste time by using the wrong strategies.
· I can waste time by not planning my days.
· I can waste time by not knowing what is ideal for me.

We all can be busy but not effective. We can have a full schedule but in no way is it ideal.  We all have to remember that we can’t control everything but without a plan we likely won’t feel worthwhile and certainly won’t be working towards our goals.

Please remember a goal is a structure for the future. The more ideal days you have the more you advance towards your goals. Too often we have come to believe that the goal is the destination, but really it’s the process of creating the life we want, and living it that gives meaning and purpose to life.

The more you focus on creating ideal days, the better you feel, the more you enhance your experience; the more you enhance your self-image and the greater likelihood that you will experience a high level of contentment, satisfaction and success.