Dental Office Leadership Training


The Schuster Management Method  powerfully combines proven principles of money, time, organization, people, vision, sales and marketing in a step by step process whereby the dentist learns to be the C.E.O. of his/her practice.

The Management Program brings all of these elements together, in an organized and unique curriculum to provide management training that is not provided in dental school. We are the first business school created specifically for dentists in private practice. This program aligns the day to day operations of the practice with the unique vision the doctor wants to create.

Our Coaches and Trainers provide intensive, hands on, personalized feedback while supporting the entire team as the changes that are taught in the classroom and online are implemented carefully and thoughtfully into the practice. It is a process which is based upon sound principles and then individualized to fit each practice.

Module I: Business Fundamentals & Fiscal Control via a 2 Day Live Training Course
Cash Flow Management
Budgeting and Tracking
Setting Production and Collection Goals

Module II: Life Planning for the Dentist & Spouse via a 2 Day Live Training Course
The Home Budget
Planning for children’s education
Understanding saving and investing

Module II: Time and Organization via The Schuster Center Online Classroom
Practice Systems
Managing the Doctor’s Time
Hygiene as a Health Center
Patient Retention
Enhancing Verbal Skills
Practice Image and Developing the Practice Brand

Module III: The New Patient Process 3 Day Live Training Experiences with Dr. Michael Schuster
The New Patient Experience
Trust Based Selling
Interviewing Skills with Patients
Increasing Capacity of Advanced Technical Training
Marketing the Exceptional Practice
Internal and External Marketing

Module IV: Team Development available in the Online Classroom or in a Live Training Course
Communication Skills
Effective Leadership Skills
Team Building
Team Agreements

Each module is presented with very specific policy and system assignments which the doctor and team create with the help of their Practice Development Coach. Each module is designed to build understanding and skills around your core philosophy, values and vision.

The new learning is implemented into the practice in a step by step method with the advice and guidance of the Practice Development Coach assigned to work with you.

Our most successful clients complete the entire curriculum in the order we recommend. Each doctor’s prescribed course work is determined after a thorough Practice Health Evaluation where we have an opportunity to learn about the needs, goals and current fiscal state of the practice. From this evaluation, together with you, we create a Master Plan for your practice development including the courses that are most appropriate for you to achieve your goals.