Dental Office Profitability and Performance Coaching


Nearing the completion of the Center’s Practice Development Program, many Doctors ask, “So what’s Next?”

The answer for many is the Center’s alumni curriculum, Performance Coach.

Performance Coach was created by Dr. Schuster in collaboration with twenty Schuster Center Alumni in 2007.  The program is a catalyst for growth, leadership and achievement.  It combines the best of structure, curriculum and community.

Through Performance Coach, Doctors continue practice refinement, but with additional benefits.  Whereas, the Development Program was primarily about the practice, Performance Coach is about the Doctor, as well as the practice, with positive results showing up everywhere.


A successful life at any stage is more likely to result from a well-executed plan.  Planning encourages us to consider what we really want and what we must do to create it.

At PC classes, Doctors learn the structures that support goal achievement and how to leverage individual and organizational change.  The curriculum is guided by Dr. Panke wisdom:  Know Yourself, Know Your Patient, Know Your Work and Apply Your Knowledge.

Doctors engage with The Performance Coach Community one year at a time.

Each year includes two 3 day sessions six months apart.  Each session includes Dr. Schuster, three Center Mentors and a maximum of  25 Doctors.  Between sessions, Mentors host 2 monthly phone conferences with their group of 6 – 8 Doctors.  During these calls, Doctors talk about their progress and where they might welcome advice.

At Performance Coach sessions, Doctors learn together, dine together and share stories and ideas. The classes are very interactive. Through sessions and phone-conferences, Performance Coach Doctors build true community.    …AND HAVE FUN!

To register or ask questions contact Lin at the Schuster Center.      (480-941-9393)           [email protected]