New Dental Office Business Consultation and Training


Imagine diagnosing a patient without knowing what a healthy mouth looks like. How would you treatment plan? How could you confidently know where to start?

Unless you know what a healthy mouth looks like, you can’t diagnose. Without a proper diagnosis, you can’t treat. And without treatment, the situation gets worse. It’s the same with your practice. How can you make decisions without a plan? How can you plan without knowing where the practice is in the most need of help?

You can’t. Yet few dentists have a business plan based upon proven models. Some may know what they should have but don’t understand why or how to do it. Very few have a business model that is functional. The result? It’s impossible to make good business decisions for the practice.

This could explain why the average dentist retires with approximately $249,000 (ADA statistic) for retirement when most have been able to produce well over $20 million during their practice lifetime. Accumulating at least 10% of that net production (at least $2 million) seems like it would be entirely possible, right?

You don’t have to be a statistic. We can show you what a healthy practice should look like.

With a Practice Health Evaluation, our experienced Practice Health Analysts can show you what a healthy practice looks like and how your practice compares to this standard.

We measure and objectively evaluate the level of health in your practice in these Key Practice Divisions: 

Finance – The Economic Indicators in the Practice
Time & Organization – Scheduling Doctor and Hygiene Effectively
Sales & Marketing – Internal Marketing and External Marketing Effectiveness
People & Purpose – Vision and Values, Management and Leadership Style
Treatment Acceptance – Technical Capacity Utilization Analysis

We will help you diagnose your own situation while showing you what it can and should be like for an optimally healthy practice. We will guide you, step by step, through a diagnosis process to know where you stand and how to start moving towards a healthier practice.

If you would like to have your practice evaluated by one of our Advisors, complete the form on this page.