We Live in the Community of Our Choosing…

Organizational behavior is a term given to the study of how human beings behave in organizations.  The discipline includes not only how ‘individuals’ behave, but also how groups –even organizations themselves behave.

In the broadest sense, organizational behavior encompasses virtually the entire field of human psychology, since almost all human behavior occurs in the context of organizations.

We are organizational creatures. We are born not only into a society and a culture, but usually into a specific, complex organization: a family.  Our marriages are organizations. We study in schools that are organizations; we earn a living in organizations (communities); at some time or another we will likely worship in an organization (community); and when we die there will be an organization to usher us out of this world.

From birth to death we live in some sort of community.   Within the context of organizations and communities lies both our opportunity and potential.

A community, an organization attracts and keeps it members because of shared beliefs, shared values and a shared purpose. In my life I’ve belonged to many communities and every community/organization I’ve been a part of had a PURPOSE based on ‘shared beliefs, shared values, and a high level of commitment to what that individual community stands for, represents, believes in and values.

A marriage without a Purpose isn’t going anywhere.

A family without a Purpose is somewhat meaningless. We may be related but we aren’t a community.

A professional practice may have people we call patients visiting it, but without a Shared Common Purpose, I doubt that the practice will grow, evolve  and become a true community.

As you think on these few paragraphs, think also regarding your closest friends. What do you have in common with your closest friends. Think also about your most significant staff members and you TOP PATIENTS or REFERRAL SOURCES. What do you have in common that makes these relationships last; seem vital to your life and brings you joy, fun, fulfillment and of course Profitability in your practice.

Maybe name your TOP 20 closest friends, patients, team members, family members.