A Combination of Dental Management Consulting and Education



The Schuster Management Method allows you to create a practice and life that represents your true self and your true values for dentistry. It enables you to live and practice as you choose; to build a great life and practice, one step at a time, to develop new skills, strengths and abilities as a practice owner and leader. You can’t help but be transformed by this endeavor. Ultimately, you, as the owner of your practice, understand exactly why and how your business functions successfully. You hold the power for your future.

Although every practice is unique and what each dentist needs to be successful will vary according to the current problems in the practice, dentists obtain the best results and outcome when they follow our step by step method and apply the learning in the following order:

The Schuster Model Method: 

What each doctor/practice is offered is determined after a thorough evaluation of the practice which occurs over several phone calls and a one day visit to the practice called a Practice Health Evaluation. 

Following this process, we create your Management Program curriculum and assign a Practice Development Coach to your practice.

Most fully operational practices (excluding Start Up practices) engage our step by step process, recommended in this order:

Step 1 – Finance: Laying the Foundation

Step 2 – Life Planning: Goal Setting for Doctor and Spouse

Step 2 – Time Management: Mastering the 80/20 Principle

Step 3 – Organization for Increased Profit and Quality of Care

Step 4 – Marketing: Attracting, Converting and Keeping New Patients 

Step 5 – People: Accelerating Team Development and Synergy in the Practice

For each module, there is assigned policies and systems to take the principles and tailor them to fit the needs, wants and values of the dentist to create the desired outcomes. Every step of the way, the doctor and team are assisted and advised by their own Practice Development Coach.

As each module is learned and implemented into the practice, the doctor will be submitting practice statistics on a monthly basis to their Coach. The Coach provides Monthly Statistical Data Reporting back to the doctor to allow the doctor to learn all of the critical numbers in his/her practice and further enhance his/her skills as an owner, a leader and an entrepreneur. These monthly statistics will show the doctor how when one organizes the practice around solid business principles, the practice naturally becomes healthier, both from a decrease in stress levels and from a financial perspective. The positive changes in the practice become tangibly visible in these reports.

The end result for our clients is an increase in available time to spend with patients or to pursue advanced technical dentistry or personal activities, coupled with an increased feeling of peace and satisfaction in dentistry while seeing dramatic increases in profitability via decreased overhead, higher case acceptance and a overall control of every functioning system in the practice.