No matter what kind of business you’re in or what market you intend to serve, you must know certain principles of organizational behavior that hold true across the board whether you are a school, a government, or a dental practice.

It’s critical to know how organization works if you’re going to do more than just get by. I mean if you’re going to be happy and productive as you’d like to be.

There are crucial differences between a family and a business organization, but there are also similarities.  The primary role of a family is to nurture its members. No matter what other roles if might play, a family that doesn’t nurture it’s members (which is often the case) will essentially be a failure as a family.

The primary role of a business is to produce a marketable product or service above and beyond itself. No matter how much it might nurture it’s employees, a business that fails to market an effective product or service, that is to serve its customers/clients/patients effectively, and today, in a unique, distinctive, compelling way, will become obsolete and be demolished.

Very few business owners can  operate as one-man shows anymore. Most all of us have a technical expertise, but technical expertise operating in a vacuum of organizing all the resources at hand to provide a series of unique, distinctive, emotionally positive experiences falls short of what is required today to grow, to evolve, to thrive.